Recumbent Bikes

I ride a recumbent bike. Actually, I own two-- a Linear LWB (folder) and a suspended Vision R-44.

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    Me on my Linear LWB

    Me and my Vision R-44 at the WHIRL Big Ride
    (photo courtesy of Mark Matarella)

    Waiting for the start of the Big Ride
    (photo by Jason Steele)



    John's Cool Bike FAQ

    When I started riding the Linear, people kept stopping me to ask about it. Not that I mind the attention, but sometimes I don't have the time to answer all their questions. So I wanted something I could give people that would answer the questions they would have after I rode away. I made a little single-sheet, double-sided, tri-fold pamphlet to give people. I borrowed from various sources I found on the web and added some of my own thoughts.




    Infrequently Asked Questions

    Then there's always some oddballs....  Here are some things people have actually said to me.  Really.  You gotta believe me.

    • Is that one of those recombinant bicycles?
    • Where do you think you are, France???
    • Hey, that's one gnarly bike, man!
    • What??? ... Hey!!!
    • Is that legal?

    Do you have any to add?  Email them to me and I'll put them on this page.

    From Tom Armstrong,

    I've only heard this one once, regarding my Ryan with an Ed Gin-inspired front fairing:   "Is that some kind of "James Bond" bicycle?"

    From Jason Steiner,

    Actually a comment, not a question. I was test-riding a Turner (Hypercycle derivative) with USS, at the tail end of a train of bent riders with above-seat steering, and two hikers stopped to stare as we went by on the bike path. As I passed them I heard one remark to the other, "That one doesn't even have any handlebars!"



    1998 John Strait


    Revised: July 26, 1999